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Futuristic, fashion-forward, fierocity. Lady Gaga? Um, no.


Gay Icon of the Week: Jane Jetson

Why: This housewife is far from desperate. She’s working the cashflow, the sex, and the style. Like a true gay icon, she is light years ahead (ahh shit, a pun… ’cause they’re space age and all)  in fashion. Example:


Work it, move that bitch cuh-razy.

When she’s not strutting down the aisles of Mooning Dales (the name of her favorite store, truth), girlfriend is also collecting gadgets. Fuck flying cars and teleportation devices. All she needs is the Rabbit Pearl, three C batteries she pulls out of Rosie the robot maid, and she’s ready to go. Great for when George is stuck in bumper to bumper flying car traffic.


Does She Rise to Icon Level? Jane is flying high. She’s been kicking it since the 1960’s and, like every other classic icon, even had a comeback, just in time to infiltrate my juvenile homo mind in the 80’s. She was also too fabulous for  television that it was the first full color show to air on ABC. GIRLFRIEND CAN’T BE HELD DOWN IN MONOCHROMATIC.

Finally, your icon this week used her assets to get what she wanted. Check it:


We could all take a lesson from Mother Jetson. Even the best of futuristic divas.