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All right, I thought Tupac coming back from the dead via hologram was gonna be a fluke. Boy, was I dumb. And not only that, there are some classic gay icons coming back. HAAAAAAY!

Gay Icon of the Week: Holograms

First, let’s get smart.

Got that? Phew.

Since Tupac, a couple others have decided they could really use the money want to put on shows for their fans. Next up? TLC!

Newly announced, Queen!

They also stated they’ve been working on this way before Tupac. Those gay holograms. Ahead of the curve.

So how far could we take this? Now that holograms have gone from the coolest cat stickers your 1st grade teacher would give you to BRINGING BACK THE DEAD, what else would you wanna make possible?

Ideas on how to blow your mind, gay-style:



The possibilities. They are endless.