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Black History Month is here(!), so what better way than to make a stop on the underground railroad to kick it with one of the pioneers of fierce.

Harriet Tubman

Song to listen to while reading:

Gay Icon of the Week: Harriet Tubman

Before we get into this, can I just say I have always loved this woman? I remember in 5th grade I had to do a book report and it was between Harriet and (fellow icon-in-the-making) Helen Keller. Well, I went with the latter, but only because someone else picked Tubs first. But may I add, her presentation was NOT as good as this (pause song above):



Why: Harriet Tubman fucking brought it. I’m not talking about designer style. I’m not going on about giving face. Girlfriend got what she was after and led the way. Imagine: If she were a gay man in today’s world, she’d have Rush Limbaugh bent over and beggin’ for it. She’s. That. Good.

Also, she was the master of the downlow. That underground railroad system was just about flawless. If you’re trying to cover up that little something on the side from your bros, take some notes. Harriet moved at least 40,000 slaves to freedom, and you can’t even hide the fact that you got a BJ in a parking lot from your “study partner?” Pffffsh.


Does She Rise to Icon Status? Harriet gives us what flashy outfits, loud mouths, and all the sass in the world can’t. She’s got heart. Let’s not get too emotional here, but her kind of passion and commitment to civil rights that should just be understood resonate today in the fight gays face daily. In short, we need a leader like Harriet, enough said.

But, okay, if that’s not enough  proof, her walking stick needed to be found in a game show (total icon status):

Additionally, besides finding a clip of the San Francisco Gay Chorus singing about Harriet Tubman, we also found this one of a couple of drunk gays doing Harriet Tubman drag and debating whether or not there was a bar car on the underground railroad.

And just think… hundreds of years from now, she’ll STILL be the topic of gay 5th graders’ book reports. Nothing screams “GAY ICON” quite like that.