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Triumph over tragedy. It’s a timeless story for the gays, and she’s got a tale to tell.


Gay Icon of the Week: Bindi Irwin

Why: First, do you know this exists? DO YOU?!

You will be seeing me use those moves tonight at WTF at Town… and then possibly again at RAW Friday night at Green Lantern, if I’ve had enough in me.

The world was shocked when her dad, Steve, was eaten by an alligator dismembered by crocodiles impaled by a stingray spine in 2006. Girlfriend had what it takes, though, to not totally say “FUCK YOU” to animal life and hitting up Red Lobster to take care of the ocean population. Instead, she’s used her own diva powers to sting our own hearts (but in the good way).

Now, she’s making music, dancing, has won a daytime Emmy, will be in the new Free Willy movie (not shitting you), AND contributes 10% of her salary to charity. SHE’S ELEVEN. She’s on the fast track (but not in the coked out way) to gay icon-ness.

Does She Rise to Icon Status? Already, I’d totally say so. Let’s go down the checklist:

1. Overcome some difficult life shit: CHECK.


2. On the path to take the world by storm (albeit with a troop of elephants behind her): CHECK.


3. Acquire an entourage of gays (including at least 1 hot one, arrows provided): CHECK.




4. Eerily and (hopefully) unintentionally mimic a life of excess: CHECK.


That’s for all y’all who like to argue “pix or it didn’t happen.”

Further Evidence: I’ll leave you with something to ponder: You gotta give it to the girl… it took me 24 years to really master a python that big, if you know what I mean.