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Can you believe it?! Me neither!

Gay Icon of the Week: Arizona

(Before we get started, did everyone else stuff their faces with king cake and fastnachts yesterday? Hopefully you’re day looked like this:)

So by now we’re all up to speed on the sheriff who resigned from Romney’s crew. Truth be told, this story doesn’t really do much for me, as fantasizing about cops is a total bonerkill since my dad was one. And oh yeah, the guy’s a total asshole.

But now that he is still maintaining his run for Congress, do you know what this means? Arizona has the most openly gay candidates for Congress! Gay politician mecca. It’s like! Who knew?

Not only that, but I’ve also learned Arizona has a history of electing gay candidates. Why don’t we hear this kind of news out of Arizona? Of course, just because they’re gay doesn’t mean you should vote for them, duh. Totes still about the issues. But even knowing there is a high percentage of gays in politics in that state at least means Jan Brewer has a shot of a total makeover, Clueless style!


That time I worked at a restaurant when I was 16 and the gay waiter regaled me with stories about his time as a manager at a bathhouse in Phoenix makes a shit ton more sense. He should rest easy now, knowing he was probably giving handies to the future leaders of our nation.

Cue the obligatory “this cactus looks like a weiner, take my photo” pic!

And just as a bonus: here’s an awesome photo of Santorum made out of tiny gay porn photos! What more could you ask for!