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Moms. It’s their time again. Let’s round ’em up!

Gay Icon of the Week: Annual Mom Fest!

Of course, not all moms are fit for the title of gay icon… ahem…

But for the involved moms…

The moms who let us live on the edge…

And the celebrity moms looking down from above…

This crown is for you!

What can make a mom so great? She got us through the really tough times. She accepted us, even when we made poor wardrobe choices:

She looked the other way when we were having too much fun with our imaginary friends:

She knew matching outfits were the way to go:

And she tried not to laugh too awkwardly while we practiced our Little Mermaid hair flip in the pool:

So, it’s true. The cat’s out of the bag!* You really are gay icons, Moms.

*Sorry, I just wanted any excuse to use this.