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Hey, Ponies! We have been waiting 11 years for this day—Will & Grace is back!

God is looking down and boy does She love us! See this week out right by catching the big premiere (which you can do at Uproar if you want to be with the fam). While we sit at our computers today, counting down the time until we finally see Will, Grace, Karen and Jack, plan your weekend with the help of our must-dos below. Then at 5 o’clock sharp, pour yourself a martini that would make Karen proud—by not wasting space with olives!


JUST ANNOUNCED! NOVEMBER 4: National Air and Space Museum + BYT Present: FOUND IN SPACE! We’re finally at the Air and Space Museum! Open bar! Moon Boots (the musical act)! Moon boots (the shoes)!

OCTOBER 20: SOLD OUT! SAAM & BYT Present: Murder House Party! A Renwick Gallery Opening. Get on the waiting list! Our events sell out in advance. Which means you should probably buy your Bentzen Ball tickets now.

• OCTOBER 26-29: Bentzen Ball 2017 is coming! Ira Glass! Al Franken! Amber Tamblyn! Jermaine Fowler! Colin Quinn! Jenny Slate! Podcasts! Tig Notaro! Amber Tamblyn! Some great shows are on sale. Some shows are already sold out!

• NOVEMBER 11-19: FotoWeek returns! We’re celebrating 10 years of beauty at SPAIN arts & culture and the Mexican Cultural Institute! Get opening party tickets here and enter the annual competitions here.

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