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Hey, Ponies! So much good stuff coming up this weekend—including one of our favorites—the Primetime Emmys on Sunday. We’re sure you love a good awards show as much as we do. While you pick the best of queer D.C., get excited with some highlights from television’s most glamorous night.


  • THIS FRIDAY: Our next Nat Geo event SHARKS & RECREATION is here. The best possible way to end a summer. Holy Ghost DJ set! Disco sharks (whatever that means!)! Real live explorers! Ron Swanson look-a-like contest! Mouse Rat cover bands! Electric sharks! Buy your ticket now. Tickets go up in price the day of.
  • OCTOBER 20: SAAM & BYT Present: Murder House Party! A Renwick Gallery Opening. Our last Renwick party sold-out in one day. Madame Ghandhi and Barber Streisend are DJing. Tickets are already 2/3 sold out. Get those tickets
  • OCTOBER 26-29: Bentzen Ball 2017 is coming! Ira Glass! Al Franken! Andrea Gibson! Jenny Slate! Podcasts! Tig Notaro! Amber Tamblyn! Some great shows are on sale. Some shows are already sold out! More shows will be announced soon!
  • NOVEMBER 11-19: FotoWeek returns! We’re celebrating 10 years of beauty at SPAIN arts & culture and the Mexican Cultural Institute! Get opening party tickets here and enter the annual competitions here.
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