Gay Best Weekend Bets: Santa Claus is Coming to Town
[email protected] | Dec 22, 2011 | 2:00PM |

You already know what time of year it is. You already spent way too much money online buying presents for loved ones fantastic useless crap for yourself. You already blacked out after your work holiday party. You already started your vacation days. You already threw away your lame gift from secret Santa. You already want to make this holiday season GAY GAY GAY.

So keep lighting up your menorah until you stop getting gifts each night and hold on tight cuz Santa is coming to town! He knows you’ve been naughty this year. Lets keep it sexy and secular as we head on down to your gay best weekend bets of the holiday weekend.

We know you “hate making plans” but there is this other holiday coming up…. New Years? Does that sound familiar? Since the world is ending in less than 365 days this will be the last NYE bash you can ever have like ever. That is why you should count on BYT to bring you the party that brings in 2012. BYT PRESENTS: DJS, BEER, AND BOOKS is probably going to sell out on boxing day so don’t freaking hesitate. It’s got JD Samson, Animal Collective, open bar, bands, and giant hamster balls. Don’t be stupid.

BYGays is going to award the area’s best in queer this, that, and the other thing. VOTE HERE to decide the outcome of the 1st Annual Ponies Choice Awards!!!


Here’s your chance to break out more than just ugly Christmas sweaters… put on your ugly Hanukkah hat, your ugly Kwanzaa thong, or your ugly old holiday pajama pants and ho ho hop on down to Sticky Rice for “Ugly Everything” Karaoke!

The holidays can get hot. Either by sitting too close to the radiator or by going to The Fab Lounge for this LGBT groove party. Tempted 2 Touch: XXXMAS EDITION is going on and I think you can get the general triple x idea just from the name of the party.


How about the 88 DC Holiday Party with all local talent and plenty of mistletoe? Its at Lamont Bishop Gallery (Moved to the back room of the 411 Warehouse) and is totally free (but you should bring some canned goods to donate to the food drive because that’s what good people do).

Ladies around Baltimore are going to want to hit up Lust- Holiday Style at Hippo for some mistletoe and dancing.

Oh, and the trusty Liberation Dance Party at DC9 is always a good bet.


Head one down to see The Anthology of Booty DJ crew at Black Cat for Backdoor!

The holidays can be down right funny. Good For The Jews: Putting the ‘HA’ in Hanukkah Tour at Jammin’ Java is going to make the holidays hilarious.


If you’re not celebrating the holiday with family or friends, join GLOE to help make the holiday brighter for others. You don’t have to be Jewish! Volunteers on December 25th will be painting the clinic at Mary’s Center in Admo (and also taking donations).

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