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Hey, Ponies! Gay Christmas continues this week with a personal favorite of ours, Donnie Darko. If you don’t feel like taking advantage of queer D.C. this weekend, we at BYGays still have you covered. That’s right — nothing says Halloween better than a young Jake Gyllenhaal haunted and manipulated by a giant man in a rabbit suit, and the film comes back to Netflix on Thursday. Regardless of how you choose to spend your weekend, we hope it’s a good one (filled with lots of Jake Gyllenhaal, men in rabbit suits, Drew Barrymore, and somber high school romances).


• OCTOBER 26-29: Bentzen Ball 2017 is coming! Ira Glass! Al Franken! Amber Tamblyn! Jermaine Fowler! Colin Quinn! Jenny Slate! Podcasts! Tig Notaro! Amber Tamblyn! Some great shows are on sale. Some shows are already sold out!

• NOVEMBER 4: National Air and Space Museum + BYT Present: FOUND IN SPACE! We’re finally at the Air and Space Museum! Open bar! Moon Boots (the musical act)! Moon boots (the shoes)!

• NOVEMBER 11-19: FotoWeek returns! We’re celebrating 10 years of beauty at SPAIN arts & culture and the Mexican Cultural Institute! Get opening party tickets here.

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• Check out our pics from Rope Burn!

• Our Getaway Fall Sanity giveaway is one of our best giveaways we’ve ever done.

• Take a peek in the other venue opening on The Wharf: Pearl Street Warehouse.

• Look at all the pretty photos of all the pretty costumes at New York Comic Con.

• After last weekend’s All Things Go Fall Classic  and Opus 1  outdoor festival season is finally over.





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