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Hi, Ponies! It’s Coming Out Day, and while not all of us have the privilege of being out in our lives, today is a reminder of the power of our stories and our collective voices. Coming out is our visibility, so live your queerest DC life this weekend.

• OCTOBER 25-28 – Just two weeks away: The 2018 edition of Bentzen Ball Comedy Festival – curated by Tig Notaro, produced by us, enjoyed by all of you. Tickets are on sale now! Get them all while you can, only three shows still have tickets available and two of them include Tig Notaro as a guest. In extra special news, we also announced a bunch of free Bentzen Ball shows as well. It’s our little gift from us to you.

• NOVEMBER 3-4: Our first true crime fest: Death Becomes Us! On sale: PAUL HOLES (being interviewed by Yeardley Smith!)! JOHN DOUGLAS! Buzzfeed Unsolved Live, Criminal, Wine & Crime, Kenda Confidential! Last Podcast On The Left & How Did This Get Made – True Crime edition are both sold out! PLUS: we have a Death Becomes Us PUB opening and some other amazing warm-up events.

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