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Hey, Ponies! Fuuuck, can you believe it’s May? Bad news: time is slipping through your fingers like sand and we will all die one day. Good news: tomorrow is May 4…

And you get some warm May weather this weekend. So keep on scrolling for weekend plans and may the fourth be with you!

All sorts of great stuff:

• We announced our Pride opening party! Spend your entire paycheck on glitter and get ready to party.

• We it up Butterfly, José Andrés newest fast casual spot.

• We’re getting the hell outside and enjoying the weather with our spring volunteering guide.

• We put our palate to the test and tried White Castle’s meatless Impossible burger.

• We rounded up the nine best beer events in May to satiate your boozy needs.

• And last, but not least, we put our Your Best May. The only thing you need to read this month (but also please keep reading the rest of our website).

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• Dine-N-Dash 2018 is coming June 6 and we’re a sponsor! Buy tickets now to the funnest food event of the year!

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