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A very happy weekend to you! This weekend is going to be a bit drier than last, and even though the cherry blossoms have mostly fallen off the trees, it’s Cherry Weekend. So: let’s celebrate cherries and America. Ready? Let’s go.

All Weekend

  • This weekend is Cherry 2012, and although the blossoms may already be on the ground, DC’s circuit party is still going. There are basically parties every night of the weekend:
  • Thursday at Cobalt, Friday at the 411 Warehouse Loft (with a women’s party at Phase 1 of Dupont), Saturday at Town, and finally Sunday has three parties! Early morning (4-9am) at Ibiza, daytime at Cobalt and nighttime at Ultra Bar. PLUS it’s all to help fight HIV/AIDS, and that’s something we can all get behind.


(just don’t overindulge like this kid)



This day is my favorite this weekend, so this pic is my favorite way to eat cherry pie: WITH ICE CREAM!



  • HOT JEWS ALERT. The 5th Annual National Rainbow Seder, hosted by GLOE at the Human Rights Campaign HQ. We went last year and it and it was SO. MUCH. FUN. I mean, they had little plague finger puppets and skipped over the boring part of the service. It’s basically perfect. Just look:

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