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Hey Ponies! This weekend is Earth Day, Record Store Day and Friday is the best holiday of them all: 4:20! So get your weed delivered and ….

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All sorts of great stuff:

 The Best of EVERYTHING this month: we handpick some great movies, music, art, books, for you.

• We interviewed RZA. It’s the kind of interview you want from RZA.

• We profiled 17-year-old artist Julia Chon. Her new exhibit, Kimchi Juice, is currently on display at Maketto.

• We announced the best National Zoo event of the year: Zoofari.

• America’s Best Curator on Cyclical History and The Best Dress that Costs Less than 35 Cents.

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 Dine-N-Dash 2018 is coming June 6 and we’re a sponsor! Buy tickets now to the funnest food event of the year!

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