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Hey, Ponies! You probably saw it, but last Friday we found out real-life superhero, our hilarious crush, Abbi Jacobson is family—that’s right, Jacobson told Vanity Fair she dates men and women.

We wish we knew earlier! It turns out it was possible to love her more. Ass of an angel is right! Get lost in gifs of her while you make your weekend plans.

All sorts of great stuff:

 The Best of EVERYTHING this month: we handpick some great movies, music, art, books, for you.

• There’s a new workspace that doesn’t look like any other workspace but does look like your Instagram feed. Take a peek inside The Wing.

Go inside Asha Elana Casey’s studio.

We had a chat with Bad With Money’s Gaby Dunn.

• Last Saturday’s party was great. Look at photos from the party. They’re great.

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