Gay Best Weekend Bets
BYGays | Feb 21, 2013 | 1:30PM |

The best thing about a three-day weekend is that the next weekend comes up so quickly! Are you ready? There is so much going on, so let’s just shake things out and get started.

Public Service Announcement

Next Saturday, Brightest Young Things will be holding a Donut Fest in DC! It’s pretty much everything you could imagine.


Courtesy of #DCGayz

  • Then put your booty shorts on because – are you ready for this? No, like are you really really ready? – the legendary Pink Sock party returns after a two-year hiatus to present Twerk Thursday at Number 9.



  • One of our favorite parties of the year is the Masquerade & Mischief Queer Purim Party at the DCJCC. Who better to celebrate the life of Queen Esther than a bunch of queens? Devouring the DCJCC’s hamantashen cookies don’t count as carbs on this night, and there is an open bar. Also, it’s a costume party, so we’re going as bottoms.

  • The annual Wig Night Out party at JRs is happening, and is always packed. Pull something out of your drag bag and join. Any donations go directly to the Point Foundation (which is a pretty awesome foundation for gay kids).

  • Since both the Purim and Wig Night Out parties are on the early side, we fully expect you to wear your costumes and wigs down the street to hook up with hot people at CTRL at Cobalt. Yes, the underground queer dance party is now anchoring the last Saturday nights at Cobalt. We went to the opening party last month and there were so many cute boys AND lesbians (and lesbians, girls!).
  • Head over to Phase 1 Dupont for a 90s Throwback party.


  • Head out to Town on Sunday night for the DC Center’s Glamor, Glitter, and Gold Oscar Party. It is always fun, and there are catty comments reading the red carpet. Feel free to wear your best jeans…or a tux. We know he isn’t nominated for Best Director, but Ben Affleck deserves an award for Best Beard in Argo. Yum.

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