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The holiday season is over and you’ve gotten that terrible fleece vest from your aunt, a solid guilt trip about not calling your mother, and yet another set of coasters… great. We know that you’re looking for things to do and just waiting for NYE so you can drink all the stars and frantically search for your midnight new year’s kiss. Let the yuletide spirit settle and get your affairs in order for 2013!


There is karaoke at Phase 1 tonight!


Come celebrate Mister Mid-Atlantic Leather at the DC Eagle!!

JR’s has the cure for what ails ya! All Janet All Nite Long!

Feeling a little random gals? Try Ladies’ Night at Remington’s.


Come by Cobalt at noon for a book signing of Vh1’s Big Ang’s new book titled, “BIGGER IS BETTER”. Come back at midnight for some clubbin’ time!

Black Cat is hosting a DJ benefit night for NYC’s Norton Records whose Brooklyn warehouse was destroyed in Hurricane Sandy.

All good things must come to an end. Say Farewell 2012 and say some goodbyes to Red Palace as well. Good times and great memories!



Uhhhh guys…. you can go see DREAMGIRLS at Signature Theater. It is on now through January 13th.


We are unofficially sold out for The BYT Fancy Shmancy New Year’s Eve Ball!! Even so we definitely recommend putting your name on the wait list now because we might be releasing some more tickets Saturday night! Get fancy and celebrate the fact that we are all still here!

New Year’s Eve Party with drinks and drink and champagne and drinks at H Street Country Club.

GLITTER! ArtJamz NYE 2013 Glitter Ball! Enjoy a neon art studio with music, paints, some drinks, and champagne toast… oh and glitter!

New Year’s Eve parties can get pricey. But at Phase 1’s Solid Gold: Women’s NYE Party you get hats, noisemakers, a you own split of champagne. Worth it!!

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