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Big things are going on lately. We’re not sure if you heard but gays are getting married all over the place…. including grocery store comics. The BYGays love a good controversy.

We hear the kids are on spring break?!?!? The hazy memories of road trips, beer bongs, hookups, skinny dipping, and pretending to get tan on a 3 day vacation are in the past for grads. Thankfully you can still have some drunken fun now once your grown. All this is a good excuse to buy last minute tickets to Key West/Jamaica/any freakin’ beach oooorrrrrrrr you can PARTY HARD here in the district. Testing new hangover cures is the grown folks’ chemistry class don’t cha know.


  • I can’t help but mention this night for the boys at Phase 1 of Dupont. You fellas can enjoy your special night before the territory goes back to the girls! I’m guessing  Jock U DC Thursday College Night is the perfect place to pretend you are on spring break.
  • Every first Thursday a private jet is boarding to take you to a multicultural dance party. Hop on board for Jet Set and enjoy the spring break life style for free at Zeba Bar!
  • The GRAND OPENING of Nῡ’D is sure to impress. This weekly event at Mova has talented DJs, rooftop access, 2 bars, drink specials and a shirtless challenge (for gent and ladies) at 11pm.


  • Some of you lovelies were smart and got ticket to BYT Local Tourist Series: Spy Museum before it sold out. BYGays wills be there bringing on the Bond (shaken, not stirred)! This is going to be the sneakiest spy party ever.
  • First Friday at Hillyer Art Space is back to inject the start of your weekend with some art. You can check out openings in Dupont area galleries as well as the Rachel Rotenberg and Daniel Venne exhibits at Hillyer.
  • Get down at the Soul Train Don Cornelius Tribute Party at Black Cat. Watch this video for outfit inspiration, dance move inspiration, and smooth talkin’ inspiration.
  • Jalwa is a Hindi term that loosely translates to pizzazz, talent, or “umph”! So bring whatever that is to Green Lantern for Jalwa LGBTQ Bollywood Dance Party. Get their early for a free drink ticket and prime spot to shake your booty. THIS will be fun!
  • Enjoy that comforting fury of facial hair (and chest hair) at the monthly party for scruffy guys at the DC Eagle. You guessed it… Otter Crossing is here again!


  • Be a kid for the day at the Corcoran Gallery on their Family Day. The whole thing is FREE and if you can withstand the flood of little ones you can get your face painted and then see some exhibits those munchkins won’t care about.
  • The greatest arty party for high rollers is on tonight. Select is WPA’s annual art auction gala where you can purchase pieces seen here.
  • What is the best holiday ever? Here’s a clue: it’s the only holiday where you are religiously commanded to dress up like a queen or a fairy and get so drunk that you don’t understand what’s going on around you. Jews really know how to party, in addition to being cute and smart, and GLOE’s 5th Annual Queer Purim Party is going to be awesome. You don’t have to be Jewish to love it.
  • Come to the W Hotel to celebrate a new era in US military history at OutServe and OutMilitary’s SLDN Afterparty featuring the DJ stylings of Shea Van Horn.


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