It’s that time of year, when we sit down in front of the television and turn into Joan Rivers.  Don’t even pretend like you don’t sit down to a few bottles of wine and pick apart every single sequin, cuff link, and pear shaped body.  It’s our right as lay-non-actors. And, honestly, you know that some of them are there to make the worst dressed list on purpose. Duh, all publicity is good publicity. (well, maybe not if you’re Lindsay…)

But, before we get to the booze soaked glitz, there is an entire weekend of fun shit to do. Everything is hand picked from AllCity where you can find more juicy events. You can also find BYGays on Facebook where we post amazing things all the time. Or follow us on Twitter which is like the Wild Fucking West of queer nonsense (and by that I mean we post weird Internet LOLZ and sassy commentary.  idk where it all comes from, to be honest, but I can promise it’s exactly what you are looking for on the world wide web.)

Here we go. Grab those bottles of booze for this weeks theme: MEGA OSCARS GIFS. Welcome to your weekend.

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Friday 04/07
Natasha Leggero Live @ Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse
$25 / $25
Natasha Leggero is one of judges on NBC's Last Comic Standing. See her this weekend at the Drafthouse LIVE! Natasha has been a favorite round table guest on the wildly popular “Chelsea Lately”on E! since it’s premier in 2007 and is currently headlining packed comedy clubs across the country with her own brand of sophisticated writing, physicality and glamour. In 2010 Natasha shot a pilot for NBC with Tom Lennon and Ben Garrant from Reno 911 and will be a judge alongside Andy Kindler and Greg Giraldo on the new season of NBC’s LAST COMIC STANDING, hosted by Craig Robinson. She also currently stars in Comedy Central's new hit animated series UGLY AMERICANS. Natasha was most recently seen in the hit movie HE'S JUST NOT THAT INTO YOU. She has played various deviants in her three-year re-curring stint on Comedy Central's RENO 911. She starred in Comedy Central's pilot GAY ROBOT, and in MTV's hit series THE 70's HOUSE. She has guest-starred on IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, SAMANTHA WHO , AQUA TEEN HUNGER FORCE , WORST WEEK, TIL DEATH, THE SARAH SILVERMAN PROGRAM and the upcoming Comedy Central series NICK SWARDSON'S PRETEND TIME. Born in Rockford, IL and raised in the theater, Natasha has loved being on the stage since she was 10. As a child actress in and around Chicago she spent all of her free time performing in plays. As soon as she graduated high school she moved to New York and attended the Stella Adler Conservatory. Upon receiving an additional degree in theater criticism from Hunter College she swiftly moved to Los Angeles and decided to aim her razor sharp wit at Hollywood instead. Her stand-up television appearances include two knock-out performances on THE TONIGHT SHOW w/ Jay Leno, THE LATE LATE SHOW w/ Craig Ferguson, LAST CALL w/ Carson Daly and she has signed on for a Comedy Central Presents television special and record deal. Natasha has been invited to perform at such festivals as The Vancouver Comedy Festival, SXSW, Sasquatch, Dublin’s Carlsberg Comedy Festival and the prestigious Montreal Comedy Festival, which she will be making her second appearance this summer in 2010. She resides in Los Angeles in a servantless household.
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Foreplay has got to start off a little soft, right, especially when it’s nude? Make sure to hit up the Nu’d Soft Opening.

DJ TMY and special guest DJ Matt Bailer will keep those French beats slick with champagne at Maison.


Looks like Dub Step is making a come back. Here’s to queering it up a bit to give it a danceable beat. Talkin’ Bout’ Dub: Queer Dubstep Night at Phase 1 of Dupont

Where the Girls Go brings giant inflatable objects and a Polaroid photo booth to old dyke favorite Fab Lounge for a free 80s/90s dance party: Honey, I Shrunk the Queers!

Beat City is back! Shotgun some beers and rock your way into oblivion, at Chief Ike’s Mambo Room.


HAPPY BIRTHDAY PHASE 1. The original Phase 1 will be celebrating it’s 42nd anniversary with a 90’s themed bash!

Disco, sex, fog, lasers, leather? UM YES PLEASE. You’ll find everything you sleazy little heart desires at RAW.

Tainted Love, the other other international dance party will be partying hard at the Green Lantern.


SHOPPING… for real estate. It’s probably a good thing to learn about for your future gaybies. Hit up the GLOE LGBT Life Planning Series to learn everything you need to know about buying real estate.

Make you way on over to Town for their 7th annual Oscars Party. I imagine lots of drinking and noise until Meryl Streep wins.