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One of the funnest times I’ve had at a show this year was at the beginning of January when Garotas Suecas took on Comet. It was a cold day and I was still barely alive after the holidays/nye marathon but they stormed that back room like there was no tomorrow.
I even made Dakota come and take photos though no one read the review.
Read it NOW:
More Fun Than A Barrel of Monkeys: Garotas Suecas @ Comet

DF09_1.8_Garotas@Comet-28 DF09_1.8_Garotas@Comet-20 

Anyway, they’re back in town this Saturday (again @ Comet, with Neil djing, again-free!!!!) and this time riding some serious buzz: SPIN loves them, NPR loves them, but lets face some facts: we loved them first

Anyhoo, here is the adorable listening party they did for us last time. Don’t miss Saturday. OK?



Listen and download their EP in entirety here:



1. Bugalu :: we feel like this song shows that our influences don’t fit in a 3 min track something like stone-age-soul-freak-shake-uga-buga-monkey-music.

2. Eu :: hell of a shankin’ going on. we didn’t listen to your advice! freakbeat madness. again.

3. Senhor sabe Tudo :: this track is about a highly mystical guy, some of us have seen him but some of us haven’t.

4. Ghostwriter :: crissing the ‘t’s, dotting the ‘i’s.

5. Codinome Dinamite :: too many good ideas driven into massive musical caos.