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This week HBO announced Game of Thrones will not return until 2019. The long awaited return of TV’s most popular show is angering some fans but it’s making us think about what D.C.’s most popular pop up bar is going to do this summer.

Derek Brown’s 7th Street pop up bar just wrapped up is very successful annual Miracle on 7th Street. The only other theme that garnered as many Instagram shots was 2017’s Game of Thrones pop up. Since no TV show means no TV show theme pop up, here are a few suggestions the pop up could transform into while the throne sits empty for another year.

Game of Thrones PUB

Bar Bar Pop Up

It’s just an old man bar that serves both beer and liquor.

Dive Bar Pop Up

It’s the same bar but with an artisanal layer of filth and handcrafted skunked taps.

Fast Casual Pop Up

One room is a Sweetgreen, one room is a Cava, one room is a Taylor Gourmet. Everyone there has a WeWork office.

Columbia Room Pop Up

You have to get a reservation to get in the line.

The Good Place Pop Up

One room is Florida themed with Red Hot Chili Peppers playing non-stop, clown paintings, shrimp hanging from the ceiling and bartenders wearing Stone Cold Steve Austin masks, one room is a train car featuring portraits of Adam Scott, one room is 80s themed with a jukebox of William Shatner spoken-word recordings and live versions of every Eagles song, Anne Rice vampire novels and bartenders dressed in power suits with big hair.

All of the drinks are non-alcoholic (no hangovers) and there’s a clam chowder fountain in each room.

Image result for the good place stone cold gif

Vikings Pop Up

Vikings is a show, right? Some people watch it? Recycle the decorations from the Game of Thrones theme but strip away anything that has text and now it’s a Vikings pop up! Does Vikings have dragons? Doesn’t matter. Use the dragons.

Game of Thrones PUB