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WOW it has been a great week or so for new web videos! That’s why we’re doing another Funny HumanS of the Week instead of just profiling one person! Let’s get going!

Adult Swim aired a new special from the very incredible comedy/video/art collective Wham City called This House Has People In It, the followup to their all-time great Unedited Footage of a Bear. Nobody does creeping, visceral horror mixed with surrealist comedy like these guys. This is an incredible short film and incredibly worth your time. Also worth your time? Seeing Wham City Comedy on tour when they stop through your town over the next month or so!

LA-based comedian and writer Jamie Loftus shared this really excellent vlog, sharing her thoughts on Jonathan Franzen’s widely-read novel Purity! This thing’s got a zillion twists and turns, strap in!

A week or two ago, I told you about IFC’s Video Frogs series, but I can’t not share this latest one, starring all-time great weirdo Annie Donley. Big fan of this video, here.

And then finally, speaking of Adult Swim, NYC-based comedian and former Funny Human of the Week Joe Pera has a late-night Adult Swim special of his own, called Joe Pera Talks You To Sleep. It’s a quietly hilarious and totally charming short, a perfect showcase for Joe’s totally singular persona.

That’s all for now, see you next time.