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Here we are again, it’s Funny Human of the Week, a nice column where we pay tribute to the work of an up-and-coming writer/performer/standup/otherwise generally funny individual! This week, we’re going to get to know TWO people: Nick Ciarelli and Bradford Evans, a duo who write for Clickhole and are behind some of my favorite ridiculous things on the internet this year.

Let’s start here! Nick and Brad made incredible use of the celebrity video solicitation site Cameo for the below compilation. It’s so good.

A more recent bit of web-based absurdity, Nick and Brad have gotten into is the saga of the nearly-forgotten (and potentially not at all real) 2007 comedy Vincey Masters: Born To Be A Karate Meister. It started out with Brad posting this tweet:

Most people said no, but then one day, Nick discovered a copy at a Goodwill!

Soon enough the internet’s favorite kid movie reviewer Lights Camera Jackson posted a review of this direct-to-DVD disaster. I love this.

And then the DVDs started showing up.

And then they found a Funko Pop.

Is any of this real? That doesn’t matter at all! I love it so much!

Tween Fest was created for a now-defunct video content platform and disappeared for a little while, which made me sad because it ruled. It’s back up on Youtube now thanks for Funny or Die! It’s a great satire of Youtube vlogger culture written by our new friends Nick and Brad. Let’s watch the first episode now!

On our way out, let’s run through a few more Twitter posts from these two folks, because there’s just so much good stuff out there!