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Alright, let’s do this! Here are two very funny humans, Mark and Pete Hard, brothers, political opposites, and the ever-sparring cohosts of Earwolf’s Hard Nation podcast, a hilarious sendup of political talk radio featuring some seriously funny LA comedy people improvising in character as some of the biggest and most ridiculous personalities of the 2016 election cycle. Want to hear hunky Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (as played by Silicon Valley’s Thomas Middleditch) talk nude basketball? You got it! Aching to hear who would star in Ted Cruz’s (Paul F. Tompkins) Ghostbuster reboot? Bingo!

Here’s the thing, Mark and Pete? Not real guys. I lied to you back there, and for that I’m sorry. Improv icon/comedic actor/former Artistic Director of the damn UCB Theatre in Los Angeles Mike Still plays Mark, and writer/performer/improviser Paul Welsh is Pete. They’re very funny together and THIS FRIDAY you can see the Hard Brothers record an episode of their hit podcast LIVE at The Kennedy Center, presented by The Bentzen Ball Podcast Studio!

Never heard the show before? Check out the aforementioned PFT as Ted Cruz episode! It’s a ton of fun and a great entry point:

Let’s take a look at Mike and Paul’s work outside Hard Nation because there’s some real quality stuff out there! Here’s a very weird and ridiculous guide to spit takes starring Mike!

Here’s a quick chat with Paul Welsh, an excerpt from LA comedy scene inside baseball podcast Box Angeles. Audition and weird gig stories!

These two men are funny on Twitter! Here are some excerpts from Mike’s feed:

And Paul’s!

Before we go, here’s one last clip featuring Paul, a classic throwback to ‘70s cop buddy flicks! Go see Hard Nation on Friday, Washington!

Want two tickets to Hard Nation at the Kennedy Center? In the comments section, let us know what political figure you’d like to appear on the podcast and why.