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Hello! After last week’s cliffhanger of a column, we’re back with another multi-comic Funny Human of the Week the OTHER four of eight headliners appearing at The Comedy Exposition of 2015 here in Chicago THIS very WEEKEND. Last week we met Adam Cayton-Holland, Baron Vaughn, James Adomian, and Kate Berlant, and learned about how they’re all incredibly funny and great. This week we’re going to talk about the greatness of Megan Gailey, Phoebe Robinson, Sara Schaefer, and, our festival headliner and comedy legend, Todd Glass. Let’s get down to business.

When she lived in Chicago, Megan Gailey was easily one of the best comedians in the city, and remains one of my favorite acts to see live. She now lives in NYC and is making all sorts of waves out there, because she’s fantastic and funny in a really mean and specific way. She’s got her own damn headlining show this weekend (co-produced by local comedy journalist Jason Heidemann) full of some of the best talent on the festival, which I’m really excited for.

Phoebe Robinson is another New Yorker coming out for the festival, and has appeared on Broad City and Last Comic Standing, and writes for Girl Code and White Guy Talk Show. She’s got a biting, perceptive take on things like race, gender, and sexuality and manages to be super funny and affable at the same time. Let’s watch her recent appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers and get excited.

Sara Schaefer is an EMMY AWARD WINNING writer and comedian who had her own weekly talk show on MTV and has appeared on shows like Inside Amy Schumer and Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell. She also is from NYC, which is a theme for this week’s collection of comics (one that ends now, for what it’s worth). Please, enjoy this clip that very astutely captures Sara’s eye for absurdity, before basking in her greatness with us this weekend.

Okay, I totally not on purpose saved our biggest name for last. Todd Glass is a personal favorite of mine and a totally legendary and amazingly funny comedian and I cannot express how excited I am about his appearing at our comedy festival. His podcast, The Todd Glass Show is a singular voice in an overcrowded market of soundalikes, his new book, The Todd Glass Situation is an important and engaging read, and his stand up comedy is unlike any other I’ve seen before. He’s a pro at taking normal premises into incredibly weird and unusual directions.

The Comedy Exposition is this weekend in Chicago and BOY do I hope you can make it!