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Hello! Let’s get to know another comedian person whose jokes are good and I think you’ll like! This time it’s Ronny Chieng, a Chinese standup who got his start doing standup comedy in Australia about ten years ago. You might recognize him from his work on The Daily Show, where he does great work as a correspondent. Like this!

Ronny is also the star of ABC Australia’s comedy series Ronny Chieng: International Student. Here’s the trailer for that, it looks very good and I wonder if we can see it somewhere here stateside??

I mentioned before that Ronny also does standup. Here’s a super solid chunk from him from a few years ago. Dude’s good!

Here’s a nice laid-back behind the scenes segment from The Daily Show, where Trevor Noah and Ronny talk about some early reactions to Ronny’s work on the show.

After we’re done with this post here, let’s go over to Twitter and follow Ronny! Here are some quality posts from the guy:

Ok one more Daily Show clip and then we’ll take off! It’s a good one, Ronny talking about international relations post-Trump, and how China has surpassed the US as a global power. It’s also funny!