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Folks, sometimes you stumble across a funny person online and you’re like, here’s who I’m going to write about in my weekly thing where I write about a funny person. This happened to me recently with Ziwe Fumudoh, a writer and comedian who writes for BET’s The Rundown and is extremely funny online.

Ziwe hosts the hilariously confrontational interview series Baited, where she backs her guests into deliberately uncomfortable positions with an effortless ease. It’s so so funny. Let’s watch the premiere ep!

Here’s a sketch for The Rundown that our new friend Ziwe wrote!

It’s almost wedding season (when is wedding season???) so let’s check out this talk between Jamie Lee and Ziwe! They get real deep on the minutiae of all things nuptuals.

Ziwe recently hosted an episode of her own live late night talk show for the UCB series Night Late. Here’s a desk piece they put together for the show, called Beverley Hills or Trash Person?

Twitter! It’s not often that we find respite from the hellish takes, an oasis of goofs in a desert of bad content. Ziwe is one such source of relief! Let’s see some of them good posts!

Time for us to part ways for another week, but not before we watch one more episode of Baited! They get real awkward! What a fun show.