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Wow! It’s time again to talk about comedians and funny posts and videos! It’s Funny Human of the Week, and we’re going to showcase the work of Zack Fox, who was recently featured in GQ’s excellent profile of seven up and coming comedians (many of whom have been featured in this here column over the last few years). He’s a multifaceted individual, one who happens to be very good at standup, rapping, illustration, and other vessels of comedy. Let’s get started!

So good. In addition to regular rapping under his own name, Zack also recently took SXSW by storm as a completely made up rapper, Breastmilk Alabama. Let’s watch his journey, as documented on the short lived series Vice Live!

Another Vice Live segment! This one’s about a provocative piece of legislation in Georgia, and finds out friend Zack making it happen Daily Show style.

Zack’s so, so funny on Twitter. You already follow him, right? Of course you do. Here are some good posts:

Finally, a nice long thing to take us out. It’s an episode of a game show called Thrift Haul, where Zack squares off against Negashi Armada. Thrill to the competitive thrift store shopping!