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Okay, Funny Human of the Week! Let’s go. We’re gonna meet Zach Reinert, a joke craftsman, a practitioner of the one-liner. He lived in Omaha and performed regularly with nationally touring comics and at the burgeoning Crom Comedy Festivals, and a few months ago he relocated to another non-coastal city that’s known for it’s underground comedy scene, Denver. Enough about locations though, let’s get to the jokes. There are a lot of them!

Yeaaaah! Can you believe those jokes? So strong, those jokes!

This week’s Funny Human column’s gonna be disproportionately embedded tweets, I think, because Zach’s skills as a jokewriter truly shine in this format. Let’s start here:


Dark, weird, but not mean! You know? I’m super into it, and you are too. Follow Zach on Twitter, you goof. More jokes, more!



In addition to writing very good jokes, Zach also uses twitter to maintain a longstanding rivalry with the terrible trivia twitter account @UberFacts, which perpetuates misinformation and poorly interpreted statistics for the sake of fun facts.



He’s fighting the good fight, out there.

Okay, speaking of jokes, here’s a thing from Omaha-based video people Cat Shirt Comedy, where Zach tells the first joke he ever wrote, and then silently apologizes for it. Fun!

One last clip before we go, another short one! Soccer playing nephew. A fun slam dunk.

If you learn anything from this thing, it’s that you should be following this guy on Twitter and go see him if he’s in your town. Please! Listen to Chris Gethard!