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And we’re back! Here’s another one of these columns where I share with you info about a very talented comedy person who is gonna be super famous soon, probably. This week’s Funny Human is Yamaneika Saunders, who you may recognize from Inside Amy Schumer, Jeff Ross’ Roast Battle, The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore, or just from being extremely funny onstange doing stand up comedy. First, let’s watch her do standup!

I mentioned you might have seen Yamaneika on Roast Battle, here’s one of her absolutely brutal appearances, where she really gives it to J.P. McDade.

Let’s get to know Yamaneika a bit more via this onstage interview at Stand Up NY’s chat show Emotional Junkyard.

Yamaneika appeared on TruTV’s roasty game show Comedy Knockout a few years ago, here she is giving a super funny apology following an unfortunate loss to Jim Norton. Tons of fun.

Here’s a fun sketch Yamaneika did for the Meredith Vieira Show, where she gets to spend some quality time as a babysitter!

One more Roast Battle clip before we part ways for another week… So good and mean!