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Alright, we’re doing another Funny Human of the Week. I like this guy, former Chicagoan/current New Yorker Will Miles! He was a local favorite when he lived here in Chicago a few years ago and has been killing it on the NY scene ever since. Let’s get into it:

So smart but so laid back, you know? Like, he does drugs but isn’t a drug guy, which is always nice. Give it a rest, drug guys. Let’s watch another clip. More drugtales!

As mentioned in the first clip we watched, Will is something of a Romantic Comedy expert. He compiled this knowledge into a personal essay for Thought Catalog a few months ago. It’s really funny and STARTS with a story about a woman who does so much cocaine she makes BM in her pants.

Mr. Will Miles is an underfollowed Twitterer, sitting just shy of 1,600 followers. Here’s why that’s a shame:




Let’s fix that, okay? Go follow Will once we’re done here.

To finish things off for another week, here’s his appearance on one of my favorite Chicago-based webseries, “What Am I Looking At?,” which follows comics on a classy night out on the town, hopping from art gallery to art gallery. They sing Hootie, read wall poetry, and end up doing standup at a weird art party. Fuuuun!