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Friends, we’re back to talk about the work of another funny person, it’s Funny Human of the Week! This week we’re going to immerse ourselves in the work of Whitmer Thomas, whose new HBO special The Golden One, which looks really, really good, premieres next month. Let’s check out the trailer for the special, which blends standup, music, and autobiography in a really interesting way!

Here’s a nice, beautifully shot longform clip of our new friend Whit doing standup a year or two ago.

As a companion to the HBO special, Whit is also releasing an album on the extremely good indie label Hardly Art. Here’s the debut single from Songs from The Golden One, it’s “Partied to Death”!

Just like many past Funny Humans of the Week, Whitmer is a very funny person to follow on Twitter. Here are some recent posts of his that I think you’d like! Go follow him if you’re not already doing that!


Last thing on our way out, this short film called Shot on Film featuring appearances from other familiar comedy faces (and funny humans in their own right) Mitra Jouhari, Eric Dadourian, and Dan Licata. Who hasn’t walked around the big city talking about our dream TV shows?