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This week’s funny human is actually funny HUMANS! In the form of the cast of Video Frogs, a collective of NY-based improvisers and sketch comics, many of them expats from the Chicago comedy scene of a few years ago. Video Frogs is featured on the IFC Channel’s Comedy Crib YouTube channel and they’ve been cranking out weirdo character sketches for the last several weeks. This latest one features the very good comedian Matt Barats and former funny human of the week Jo Firestone!

Here’s another recent favorite of mine, featuring the insanely talented and singular John Reynolds, who will be famous very soon.

SNL writer Claire Mulaney stars in this real fun and silly Video Frogs episode as a hapless realtor with a timing issue.

Anthony Oberbeck was one of my favorite performers to watch here in Chicago when he lived here. Now he’s in NYC and starring in this viscerally upsetting clip!

Okay, last one before we gotta go. Drennen Quinn stars in this glimpse behind the music as a first wave punk rock front man with a unique and pioneering approach to the form. I would go see this band, but like, stand way in the back because I’m sensitive.