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Boy, what a time to be alive. The 2016 political and cultural landscape is emotionally intense, a seemingly unending string of death and unimaginable horrors punctuated by brief moments of goofy respite. One such source of relief is this week’s funny human, Vic Berger, video editor for Internet comedy site Super Deluxe, whose short videos and Vines (Vines!!!!) offer up an ever-so-slightly tweaked version of our current hellscape.

If you’re on even 50% of the same Internet as me, you’re probably familiar with or at least aware of his work. Below are a few of his best and some personal faves:

Just as The Onion’s portrayal of Vice President Biden has gone on to define him in many people’s minds as a hard-partying hesher, Vic’s satirical portrayal of such former Presidential hopefuls as Jeb Bush, John Kasich, and Ben Carson helped define the way the Internet engages with them, drawing attention to their various vocal quirks and physical tics. Check out this compilation of Ted Cruz clips that Super Deluxe compiled! It’s horrifying!

Vic has recently teamed up with Tim Heidecker to release a pair of longer-form clips titled the Vic Berger Election Special: The Conventions, the first of which features the duo exploring Cleveland during the Republican National Convention:

And the second, released last week, finds Vic and Tim in Philadelphia, spending time getting to know the scene around the Democratic Convention. These two clips are insanely funny and very good, and almost makes this punishing election season worthwhile. Thank you, Vic Berger.