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Wow, here we are, the first full work week of 2019 and we’re all really cooking, right? Feeling good? Sure! Let’s feel even BETTER and look at some jokes from a high quality, up and coming comedian named Vanessa Gonzalez! Vanessa has appeared on TruTV and in videos all over the damn web, was named one of Just For Laughs new faces in 2017, and was recently selected by Comedy Central to record a half hour comedy special in 2019. Very exciting stuff, let’s watch a clip of that TruTV appearance!

Vanessa is an accomplished sketch actor, also, appearing in series like Ms. Vanessa, a collection of shorts produced for Mas Mejor that are really good!

Let’s get to know our new friend Vanessa a bit better thru this fun insightful interview she recorded at the Moontower 2017 Comedy Festival. She talks inspirations, family, character work, and more!

It’s always fun when you find a new funny person to follow on Twitter. Something to lighten up the endless stream of bad news and worse takes that dominate everything but the most finely manicured and curated feed. Get Vanessa in your online life so you can see more posts like these ones!

Here’s a sketch starring, written and directed by Vanessa called I’m With Salad! Things get very weird.

On our way out, we’ll watch one more sketch, from a duo called Glorias that Vanessa was in with fellow comedian Yamina Khouane. It’s about Cowboys!