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Alright, let’s get into it. No time to waste. Todd Glass is this week’s Funny Human of the Week, and he’s great. He’s great! You’ve seen him on Louie, Mr. Show, Last Comic Standing, and a million late night TV shows. He’s also headlining the Comedy Exposition of 2015 here in Chicago next month, a standup comedy festival I helped organize. Let’s watch a clip and get in the mood!

Speaking of getting in the mood, here’s an awesome edition of Modern Comedian, based around Glass’ incredibly sharp eye for mood and atmosphere, both at home and when performing at a club (that second part can be extrapolated from the thing, but you get the idea).

This thing brings me so much joy. Todd set up this bit at the end of one of his shows a few years ago: he asks the audience to heckle him, growing increasingly rowdy and violent, and things lead to an incredible confrontation. This is magic.

This is a great man on the street clip Todd shot for Funny or Die, which is like a way more intense version of Jaywalking, where Jay hit the streets with a clear political agenda instead of a bad personality. I love it and it’s ridiculous.

Set List is a well-known and well-loved standup show based in LA, which forces comedians to improvise their entire set based on a series of wAcKy suggestions. Todd’s set is perfectly him and one of the better clips I’ve seen from this show.

Here’s another one from Set List. I couldn’t decide which one to post so I shared them both. The best!

To close us out, here’s a compendium of half-baked ideas and “jokes that [he] hasn’t worked very hard on” that are a treat in their own way, there’s a lot of good stuff in here. I don’t know if this all has convinced you to come see Todd close our comedy festival here in Chicago, but it sure has gotten me excited to see him!