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Hello! Tim Robinson is so funny and is this week’s funny human! You might recognize him from his short tenure as an SNL cast member or from being extremely great in many internet videos. His new webseries for the underratedly solid Above Average comedy production house, The Cream Brothers, just premiered. It’s very silly and features, among others, John Lutz from 30 Rock and future funny human Abbi Crutchfield!

Here’s another real strong web video, one that I have told you about before actually but remains one of my favorite things on the web. It’s a one-off thing called Unique Hospital and it is so so so good.

Before his stint on SNL, Tim was one of my favorite performers on the Second City main stage. Here’s a really excellent sketch from one of the best revues in recent memory, South Side of Heaven.


This is a clip called Ugly Baby and it’s about two parents who are not into the way their new baby! A lot of fun.

One last thing before we go! It’s another sketch from Above Average called Dreamgivers. He gives a great supporting performance as a football coach! See you next week!