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It’s a very special time of year, Bentzen Ball season! Looking back at the Funny Human archives, I was struck by the fact that we never took the time to appreciate the very special person who helps make the festival happen every year, the one and only Tig Notaro! Let’s watch a bunch of hilarious Tig clips and get real excited for live comedy!

First up, let’s check out this clip from her excellent Netflix special Happy To Be Here!

Now let’s take it back a few years and watch this classic bit!

Tig’s new webseries released this summer, Under A Rock, capitalizes on her relative lack of awareness of/interest in a lot of pop cultural institutions and celebrities. Each episode, she sits down for a conversation with a different celebrity she doesn’t recognize and works to figure out who they are! Such a good concept for a show.

How about next we watch this chat Tig had with the reliably funny Anthony Jeselnik on his Comedy Central series Good Talk!

Finally, let’s bask in the glory of this iconic clip, a long form version of her beloved Taylor Dayne story, as performed for a live taping of This American Life. You probably already love it and if you haven’t witnessed it before, you’re gonna be obsessed real soon!