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Hey, let’s do this again, let’s meet a new comedy friend who’s got good jokes. This week’s human is Teresa Lee, an LA-based standup and writer who has contributed to Cracked, Funny Or Die, and Reductress. Let’s watch a recent clip of her performing live!

Teresa’s webseries Fit Tips with Shelly Go is a very fun and silly spoof of web fitness shorts and social media health showoffs! Here’s episode one. They’re short and funny, the best combo for webseries!

I mentioned before that Theresa works for Cracked, here’s her on panel with two other Cracked writers late last year about the integrity of the damn Harry Potter universe.

Here’s a fun guide to getting through uncomfortable holiday work parties that Teresa and her frequent collaborator Mel Owens wrote together as the Lean In Ladies.

Teresa’s got a ton of Twitter followers and they’re all right and smart to have such a good presence in their feed. Get right with yourself and the world and give Teresa a follow if you haven’t already. Here’s some reasons why:

Before we go, here’s another video from Cracked, this one Teresa co-wrote and features in it. It imagines a world where Buzzfeed’s cloyingly sweet videos were still like that but also insane! Seeya!