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Let’s do this, welcome back! It’s Funny Human of the Week, where we get to know an up-and-coming comedy person who you’ll be hearing a lot from in the near future. This week’s human is Taneshia Rice, who often goes by “Just Nesh.” Taneshia’s been a staple of the Chicago stand up scene for several years now, plays clubs around the country, and was recently featured on the debut season of Kevin Hart’s new Comedy Central series The Next Level. Let’s watch a preview of that, to get us started!

Alright, so we got to know her a bit, now let’s watch a clip of her performing live on Windy City Live, a Chicago-based news program!

Nesh can do more than just standup, folks, she’s also successfully pulled off a detour into musical comedy, something few folks can do well. Here’s a music video for the very funny jam “Where Yo Edges.”

Let’s watch a longer-form standup set from our new friend Just Nesh, here she is live in Chicago on Fourstar Stand Ups.

Okay, before we go, here’s a very goofy parody of Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse,” which walks the line between charmingly silly and technically impressive, which is cool!