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It’s Funny Human of the Week time, where we take a moment to appreciate the work of a comedy person who is “on the rise” and extremely good and funny at what they do. This week we’re going to get to know Sydnee Washington, host of the podcast The Unofficial Expert, who you may recognize from her appearances on various Comedy Central productions and TruTV’s Laff Mobb Laugh Tracks. She’s super funny and I know you’re going to like her a bunch! Let’s get going:

Next up, let’s watch this interview she did with Chris Distefano for his webseries Stupid Questions! It gets weird and specific!

Here’s a story Sydnee told for Comedy Central’s Sex Fails series about a wild threesome experience she had. Warning: things get messy and uncomfortable!

Our new friend Sydnee is a great person to follow on Twitter, check out some recent highlights from her feed and I’m sure you’ll agree:

One more clip from Sydnee, this one for the webseries Tales From The Trip, where she talks about her first/last experience with magic mushrooms. The animation is so good and the story is insane!