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Hiiii, welcome… Here’s another edition of my very exclusive comedy column, where I pick a comedy person whose jokes you might not be familiar with and show them to you. This week’s human was recently picked up as a writer on Season 41 of Saturday Night Live, and was also a New Face at Just For Laughs Montreal, so if you don’t believe me, take their word for it: Sudi Green is very funny!

Let’s watch a greatest hits real of some of her solo sketch characters to get to know her whole deal:

Sudi co-wrote the lyrics to this song produced by her muscial sketch comedy group Pop Roulette! It’s fun and funny!

She also wrote the webseries The Real Life of a Romcom Protagonist for Refinery 29, which is polished, charming, and totally worth your time!

Check out some of these very funny tweets that Sudi sends out on the regular for FREE just for YOU. What a dream this modern Internet age is, right?

Okay, before we go, here’s one last clip. Let’s watch Sudi in a well-produced Game of Thrones musical parody!