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Hello! How are you? Meet Sonia Denis, she’s our Funny Human of the Week. If you live in Chicago I have very good news for you: you’ve got the chance to see her headline a very special showcase this Friday (January 22nd) at the very great dive bar Cole’s. Sonia’s a joy to watch onstage and great at doing jokes. Here’s a clip from a recent performance!

And then, also, here is her appearance on the webseries What Am I Looking At?

If you’re an avid BYT reader, perhaps you recognize Sonia’s name from her contributions around these parts once in a while! She shared her story of quitting a very intense restaurant job in our recurring column Why I Quit, and also also a dispatch from a pretty god awful hosting gig at a loft party/comedy show for our Nightmare Gig column. Both are great and cringe-y and v worth your time!

Here’s a great idea: follow Sonia on Twitter. Here are some samples of her work:

Okay, before we split, and SPEAKING OF funny stuff Sonia has written, McSweeneys recently featured a piece she put together about her current job, working at an STD testing center. It’s so funny and weirdly edifying in a way I wasn’t expecting! Okay, read that and then go to see Sonia this Friday at Cole’s, presented by the very excellent Congrats on Your Success comedy showcase!