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By Matt Byrne

Alright! Funny Human of The Week time again, great. This week we’re talkin’ ’bout LA-based standup Solomon Georgio, who just had his late night debut on Conan LAST NIGHT. This column is really keeping up with the times, very current!

Let’s watch a clip from Solomon, where he talks about his social anxiety for a show all about humiliation. It’s great and funny and self-aware!


Solomon made some waves last year responding to racist Twitter monsters with messages of acceptance and kindness on Martin Luther King Day, and things went surprisingly well! Let’s hear a little about that in this short interview he did with StageBuddyTV in New York City!

Speaking of Twitter, here’s a bunch of quality tweets from our new friend Solomon!

Let’s watch another short set from Solomon before we go, this one’s live from Bumbershoot. It’s from 2009, super funny, and totally charming! We’ll see you next week, friends!