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Friends, it’s time to celebrate the work of one of the most beloved and iconic artists the web has ever produced: filmmaker, animator, and auteur Simon Tofield, creator of the massively popular Simon’s Cat webseries. Over the last 11+ years, Tofield has produced over a hundred shorts celebrating the many quirks and adorable tendencies of cats that have made him a sensation with animal lovers worldwide. Not familiar? Let’s start here:

A simple concept executed incredibly well, with clean drawings and immediately recognizable characters. No wonder Simon’s Cat is one of the most popular webseries out there! Here’s another fav:

But who is Simon Tofield? It’s time to learn more about him!

Speaking of cute stuff, let’s watch some kids react to some fo the most popular Simons Cat videos.

Simon’s Cat has moved over to other social media sites in recent years, perhaps most notably on Instagram, where Simon and co. shares one-off sketches, concept art, and short comics like these!

Okay, on our way out, let’s check out this newer, more refined clip, the full-color, 10+ minute long film Off To The Vet!