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Friends, we’re back to chat again about a comedian whose jokes are good and strong, someone who you’ll be hearing a lot from in the near future, our Funny Human of the Week. This week’s featured comedian is LA-based writer/comic/actor Sierra Katow! She’s been featured on Last Comic Standing and Last Call with Carson Daly, and has also worked on shows like Take My Wife on Seeso/Starz and Drop the Mic on MTV! Solid resume, you know? Plus, it’s backed up with jokes and stage presence, as you’ll see below!

Sierra hosted a webseries about the Asian Americans in comedy called Asians, That’s Funny. Here’s the premiere episode, which was filmed back in 2016 while she was still a dang college student! Wild!

Speaking of college, Sierra went to Harvard! Ridiculous. Here she is back at her alma mater performing for a packed house on a super fancy stage complete with baby grand piano.

Our new friend Sierra is not especially tall. Here’s an in-depth, emotional discussion about her time spent as a short person.

You can bet that Sierra is on Twitter and you can ALSO bet that she is very funny over there. Fill your feed with goofy posts like these by clicking that nice “follow” button on her page!

On our way out, let’s take a stroll through her standup reel, which features some familiar looking clips, plus plenty of new bits!