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Hello! Let’s do this again! This week’s funny human is Sheng Wang, a NYC (stay warm folks!) based standup with a bunch of TV credits (Live At Gotham! John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show! Late Night With Jimmy Fallon!) and is very funny. Let’s watch his set from the dearly departed Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell!


That “Russia and America as little kids” joke is greaaaaat. Love it!

Here’s another clip, from a very cool show called Live @ The Apt. Sheng’s taking on boneless chicken wings with a depth of analysis and empathy for chickens that you never even thought to have!

What’s fun are clips that are funny and high concept and also informational, right? Here’s a video from a web series called Running Joke, which starts with Sheng telling jokes while riding his bike, and soon turns into an interview, dissecting his background and his material. His Betty White Internet controversy story is fascinating/very weird!

It’s time to spend some QT together, you guys. That’s QUALITY TWEETS!!!!!!





Alright, follow that guy on Twitter, folks! He’s good and funny.

To close us out, let’s watch a pretty excellent video from his 2012 appearance on the excellent storytelling show/podcast RISK!. It’s a great, revealing personal story from this week’s hero and a solid parting note. See y’all next week!