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Alright! Let’s do this again, friends. Meet Shane Torres, a very talented NYC-based standup comic who you may recognize from his appearances on Conan or Comedy Bang! Bang!, or from being great at standup comedy at clubs all around the country. Shane’s debut album, Established 1981, is coming out next month on Comedy Central Records. Let’s listen to a track from that! It’s a compassionate defense of trash food punching bag Guy Fieri.

I mentioned before that Shane was on Conan. Here’s that appearance, he crushes.

Longtime Funny Human readers may recognize this next webseries, Spicy News, which features up-and-coming comics reading off monologue jokes after eating a habanero pepper. It’s always a silly and super funny thing to watch and this one is no different!

So normally here we share tweets from our featured comedians, but this non-Shane tweet is too special not to share. As you heard in the above Soundcloud link, Shane imagined what it would be like to fight alongside Guy Fieri in a foxhole, which prompted Guy to share the following image on Twitter a few days ago…

Unbelievable. Truly magic stuff.

Anyways here are some good ass Shane tweets.

One last clip before we go… Here’s Shane’s appearance on Rope A Dope, an interview series where comedians tell a story about getting into a fight. This is an insane story of a confrontation with a heckler.