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Hey, hi! Let’s meet a funny person! This is Shalewa Sharpe, an extremely funny standup comedian who got her start in Atlanta but now resides in NYC. Her debut album, Stay Eating Cookies, just came out and it’s great, you’ll love it. Here’s a clip from the taping of her album recording for you to enjoy:

Let’s get to know Shalewa a bit better with this episode of Spit Take Comedy, where we can learn about the recording process of her album, along with some fun games and goofs.

Shalewa was recently a guest on the debut episode of The Book of Ye, a Kanye West focused podcast hosted by former Funny Human of the week Rob Haze and future FHOTW Chris Daniels. It’s good! Listen to this episode and then the other ones, too!

Hey, guess who’s real funny on Twitter? It’s our new friend Shalewa, who is a great person to follow. Here’s some samples:

One more standup clip before we go! It’s a salacious tale of a high-tech adult gift! Enjoy!