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It’s time for Funny Human of the week, where we come together to examine the work of another up-and-coming comedian whose work I think you’ll like! This week’s human is Irish comedian Sean Finnerty, who just recently made his late night standup debut on The Tonight Show starring Jimmy Fallon. He’s also performed at clubs and festivals all around the United States since moving here a handful of years ago, so you may have seen him there, or on TV like I mentioned before, or right now, by watching this clip!

Roast Battles! We love them because they’re mean. And Big Jay Oakerson is usually there, with his fingerless gloves in tow. Here’s Sean facing off against Paul Hooper last year in a roasty toasty battle at The Stand in NYC.

Here’s a fun story Sean told about a North Carolina house party where things get a little out of hand.

Sean, like the rest of us rubes, is on Twitter. Here are some of his posts, which could be a part of your feed if you would just go and click “follow” on his profile!

Alright, maybe a podcast featuring Sean to throw on before we leave? He went on the One Crazy Story podcast to do what the title implies: tell one crazy, longform story. Shit gets wild, it’s well worth a listen!